Why Organic

Good for you. Good for your taste buds. Good for the environment.

Organically grown food comes to you as nature intended! It’s food the way our grandparents and their grandparents used to grow it.

Organic agriculture encourages soil and plant health by utilising natural enrichment practices and integrated pest management. This results in higher vitamin C, selenium, total antioxidant capacity, phenols, flavonoids, Quercetin, and Kaempferol. This also explains why organic produce is renowned for it’s superior quality taste. Organic food doesn’t contain GMO, pesticides, fumigants, irradiated material, antibiotics, additives, steroids, hormones, and nitrate levels are lower.

Organic producers also work in harmony with the environment and existing ecosystems, using sustainable farming practices that ensure the conservation of water, soil and energy.

To ensure your produce or product is organic, look for certification labels. Certified organic simply means the farmer or manufacturer has had his product and operations checked by a third party accredited certifying organisation.

Buying organic means you and your family can confidently enjoy fresh, nutritious and full-flavoured produce, as well as encouraging organic producers and practices without costing the environment.

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