Bread & Milk Delivery Days

We want you to know when we get our bread & milk in, so that you can order and receive it as fresh as possible!


Here is a list of the breads we receive frequently throughout the week and that are also best consumed as soon as we receive them in!

We also stock long-dated bread loaves that are not mentioned below such as Venerdi, Biona, and Pure Life Sprouted Breads. You can find them in our Bread & Wraps section of the site!

BREAD BRAND                                                         DELIVERY DAY

Café Strada                                                      Thursday

Zeally Bay                                                  Monday, Thursday and Saturday

The GF Precinct                                              Tuesday and Friday

Healthybake                                                    Thursday

Naturis Organic Bread                                 Tuesday

No Grainer                                                       Thursday

MILK BRAND                                                       DELIVERY DAY

Barambah                                                       Friday

Demeter Bio-Dynamic                                 Mondays and Thursdays

Paris Creek                                                     Thursday

Schulz                                                             Wednesdays